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Top 10 podcasts for new business founders

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Podcasts can be a useful source of inspiration and information for new business founders. I love them as I can be doing more than one thing at the same time. As the MD of FF&M, time is precious, so if I can profit from what was previously ‘dead time’ then I’m a fan. By utilising my commute or a run, I can listen and learn in a digestible format that aids my working week ahead.

Listening to podcasts helps give me ideas on new ideas I could incorporate into FF&M or new ways of working to improve my wellbeing. As podcasts are published regularly and usually to a committed cadence, they often follow the current news agenda and provide great context to our work.

As we produce both our own podcast, How To Start Up, and client podcasts, we also love listening to a variety of podcasts to help us in our everyday roles.

Podcasts I’m particularly enjoying:

  1. The Media Show - BBC: a great listen to hear how the UK media landscape is constantly evolving and what is hitting the headlines right now

  2. Buzzcast - Buzzsprout: the team shares the latest news from the podcast world

  3. Power Hour - Adrienne Herbert: brilliant for learning how people use their time most efficiently

  4. WorkLife - Adam Grant: a valuable perspective on working culture and how we can build a great one at FF&M

  5. Food for Thought - Rhiannon Lambert: a previous guest on our How To Start Up, and I really enjoy Rhiannon’s own podcast on all things nutrition

  6. Wellness with Ella - Ella Mills: it’s so helpful to hear how Ella’s different guests have turned difficult and challenging obstacles into causes for personal growth

  7. Feel Better, Live More - Dr Rangan Chatterjee - as a founder I know it is my responsibility to look after my own health to ensure I don’t let the team down, so Dr Rangan’s podcast is very useful

  8. How To Start Up by FF&M - I have really enjoyed listening to our latest episodes and hearing experienced founders' advice on what to do now, next or never when starting a company

  9. How I Built This - Guy Raz: great for pulling me out of the weeds and helping me think big picture

  10. How to Fail - Elizabeth Day: a lovely listen on how to manage life and be comfortable with failure as we all know this is a mandatory part of running a business

If you're looking to launch your own podcast, contact us via to learn more about our podcast production service.

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