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Are you starting a company from scratch and aren’t really sure of what to do first? 

In HOW TO START UP by FF&M you’ll hear interviews with a broad mix of people who have all successfully started, run and even sold, their own businesses or company.  They share not only professional but personal experiences and valuable lessons on what we should be doing now, next or never.  

We are in the eye of the storm that is now becoming a ‘new normal’.  An uncharted territory where many skilled people are facing unemployment and are rethinking how to earn their income. Values are recalibrating, missions are shifting and purposes are set to become clearer.  We are also experiencing an overwhelming surge in willingness to support others.  It is in that spirit I wanted to collate and curate all the advice being so kindly offered to me, as I step into my own new world of starting a company.  

This podcast hopes to bring you confidence, encouragement and reassurance that you’re on the right track.  

MUSIC CREDIT: Funk Game Loop by Kevin MacLeod Link /License