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This module will help your brand get started with influencer marketing, from identifying the right accounts that reflect your brand values, to approaching influencers, negotiating coverage and analysing the results. When successful, it is a fantastic tool to secure coverage that drives brand awareness and reaches specific target markets. Social media is awash with bloggers, KOLs (key opinion leaders), influencers and celebrities and brands are inundated with requests from influencers daily. FF&M has a thorough understanding of how to approach influencers and tailor these requests to benefit your brand. With a wealth of experience in working with influencers across various luxury brands, FF&M will determine your campaign goals before identifying which accounts complement your brand identity. We will deliver the tools necessary for you to negotiate sufficient coverage and build a working relationship with relevant influencers. Brands can choose to collaborate with influencers on a paid basis or through organic posts in exchange for goods, experiences or invitations to press events. FF&M will work with clients to achieve the best possible coverage within budget and deliver an influencer marketing tool kit that ensures consistency within your brand's influencer marketing strategy.


  • CAMPAIGN STRATEGY: What would you like to achieve? Determine the target audience and the metrics for success e.g. coverage, driving sales, driving social media engagement, followers or website traffic.

  • MESSAGING & AESTHETIC: What do you want the influencer to relay to their audience? Create and define the content you would like the influencer to promote, ensuring consistency with your brand values and narrative. Research and confirm hashtags and geotags to further drive engagement.

  • EVALUATING INFLUENCER REQUESTS: How do you know who to accept or decline? Provide training on how to assess an influencer request and subsequently work with them; what are the expectations from their side and how would you like to work with them? (E.g. Instagram post, Instagram stories, blog, YouTube etc.)

  • IDENTIFY INFLUENCERS: What influencers work best for your brand? How to build your own influencer media list, reference online databases and quantify their engagement and following.

  • ASSETS: What more can you leverage? Tools to negotiate and secure photography and video assets from influencers that can be used across your channels to further leverage your brand.

  • SECURING COVERAGE: What can you expect to receive in return? Provide training on how to finalise coverage expectations in relation to an influencer’s following, as well as how best to negotiate coverage or assets in return for experiences or PR gifts.

  • ASSETS RESULTS: How successful was the collaboration? Demonstrate tools to measure the quantitative and qualitative results of the campaign through ROI, engagement, reach, clicks, follower count and brand awareness. We also suggest you develop internal company guidelines on how your teams use social media.

  • We can also provide outline copy to issue to your teams regarding social media policy and simple dos and don’ts.

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