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This module will train you to confidently and efficiently pitch your story to the press and land editorial coverage, building brand awareness and ultimately supporting your business.

It can be daunting picking up the phone to an Editor; however, it does not need to be. By learning how editorial journalists prefer to work and how best to approach them with your news, you'll gain a greater confidence in how to optimise your PR approach.

FF&M's aim is to enable clients to own their pitching in-house for the long term, as well to start to enjoy it too. It is in this way that you’ll build personal relationships with key press for the long term. With a proven track record in achieving great editorial results for clients, FF&M will coach you to achieve these results directly.

FF&M have two options for clients, either to be their press facing PR to start with or to support silently if you'd like to own it from the start.

N.B. PR tends to fall down the list of new business priorities as there are so many other things to consider when running a company. The common misconception is that it can be done at the last minute and that all journalists will want to hear your story. By factoring it in at the start of your business plan, you're ensuring not only a stronger story will be told to the press but with the right lead times in place to land the coverage.

By learning how to run your own press office efficiently and effectively, it will also support economies of scale when the time may come to delegate PR to a team member.





MEDIA LIST: How to create your own global media list, utilise online database platforms, register your contact details, find your priority targets.

RESEARCH: Where and how to look for new story-telling opportunities, how to create a forward features editorial calendar.

PR PROCESS: How to set up your proactive pitching process and optimise your press tools.

DRAFT & TAILOR: How to draft pitch emails to press targets and adapt your brand's story with the appropriate angle.

PITCH: How to pitch your story to the press at the right time with the right tools.

EDITORIAL LANDSCAPE: How to monitor the competition in the press effectively to strengthen your pitch.

NEWSLETTERS: How to find and subscribe to relevant media newsletters to keep you up to date on media news and movements.

REPORTING: How to track and evaluate your coverage efficiently.

SHARING EDITORIAL: How to optimise your 'owned' (web + social) platforms with 'earned' editorial in line with publishing regulations.