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Transparency at all times

We believe in being open, honest and transparent at all times. Where PR is often seen as ‘spin’, we combat this by pitching solid stories backed by fact. 


Acting with integrity

We have the luxury of choice when it comes to who we work with. We only work with team members, clients and service providers who hold similar values to us. 


Excellent output 

We only commit to a client when we have full knowledge that we can deliver at an excellent standard. We want to exceed our clients’ expectations. 


Prompt payments 

We pay our service providers the day they submit their invoices, regardless of their payment terms. 


Candid communication 

We understand everyone in business is busy. However, we always respond to every email or enquiry with an answer and we aim to do this the day we receive it. We also expect our clients to fulfil their commitment to our service agreements and pay within our agreed payment terms. 

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