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This module will deliver all of your required PR tools, from press releases and corporate statements to crisis communications preparation and core messaging.

Due to editor inbox overload, it is crucial only to share pertinent press tools that land well with the press. Having worked internationally with many renowned luxury brands, FF&M has the necessary experience to deliver the press tools you need at an excellent standard in order to secure significant editorial coverage.

The PR TOOL KIT module is a fundamental step two that will deliver consistent, thoroughly considered brand-specific copy, documents and communications strategies to service your PR needs as well as your wider marketing campaigns. This includes a defined brand tone of voice not only for press releases but your social media and website too.

Working from an identified press tool shopping list, the tools created and delivered by FF&M will service press launches as well as each and every unique press request.

Conscious of budget, FF&M will repurpose existing assets where possible and upon conclusion deliver a fully usable tool kit to service all your platform needs, not just PR.

COMPETITORS: Do you know who else is pitching the same story?
Conduct competitive set searches on who else is appearing in your editorial landscape, when and with what.
COMMUNICATIONS STRATEGY: Who do you want to speak to and when?
Identify relevant publications and platforms, map coverage goals and timelines, define possible influencer and gifting plans.
BRAND VISION & MISSION: What is your core business goal?
Create succinct and defined copy to represent the company's purpose.
COPY: How do you want to communicate your brand?
Define tone of voice, create your brand's lexicon, update copy consistency throughout all platforms, define core hashtag copy.
MESSAGING: What are your unique points of difference?
Define your PR messaging strategy, create and incorporate brand values, develop new ideas relevant to your industry, sector, brand and audiences.
PR ANGLES: What does an editor want to hear?
Create an in-depth bank of stories and relevant angles with which to continually and proactively pitch.
ASSETS: What do the press and ultimately prospective clients want to see?
Create a relevant PR asset plan in order to illustrate your company appropriately in the press.
WORKING FILES: How to allow editors to learn about your brand?
Create brand PR tools (e.g. press release templates, campaign relevant releases, footers, brand & founder stories, biographies, internal Q&A).
MEDIA SPOKESPERSON: How confident are you speaking to the press?
Conduct media training and practise on public speaking.

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