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At Fallow, Field & Mason, we believe that the founder of a business and their internal team are their own best storytellers when it comes to PR and communications.  

To build new stakeholder model businesses and facilitate environmental and social change, businesses need to inform, educate and clearly communicate with their audiences about their work and its purpose. 

Our mission is to guide businesses through setting up their press office and maximising their positive impact so that people, planet and profit thrive in equal measure. We support businesses to own their PR in-house for the long run, enabling clients to tell their own stories and making us redundant as soon as possible. This ensures that our clients own their direct relationships with the press and as much budget as possible is preserved within the business. 

FF&M equips clients with forward-thinking missions, visions and values statements that reflect our goal of building a new generation of environmentally and ethically responsible businesses. We also guide and advise businesses on operational areas outside of our scope of work, continually recommending other independent businesses that are experts in their fields to help our clients achieve their goals. With our experience and networks we share best practice on many different topics to ensure that our clients constantly consider their environmental impact. By challenging clients to reorient their communications towards good, we turn social responsibility into profitable, sustainable, long-term competitive advantage.

When we price our work we always try to reduce the scope where possible to reduce doubling up on work that has already been done and keep a client’s revenue and budget within their business wherever possible. 

Every year, FF&M works with a selected charity or philanthropic business on a pro bono basis to help them share their mission with international audiences, clarify their brand strategy and support their ESG endeavours. To us, it is really important to champion businesses and organisations that support people and places in need.  

We provide an open and enjoyable culture and ensure our team develops in the direction they want to explore professionally. We offer fully paid and supported work experience placements for new talent entering the industry. We also encourage team members to voice when they may be ready to move on to a new role so we can help them find it and proactively provide references to support their application. We encourage team members to take up paid training in areas they find interesting as well as take paid volunteer days to support organisations they are passionate about. 

FF&M’s own stakeholder model means that our team, our open-minded clients and our partners all have a seat at our table to help us make long-term decisions with integrity. 

Transparency is our number one value. If we are not right for a client we will decline work and help them find an appropriate solution elsewhere.  

Our vision is for a future where we measure growth in sustainable terms. We are determined to do things differently by putting the planet and people above profit and continually questioning and improving how we work. 

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