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How much time does PR take?

We’re often asked how much time PR takes. However, there is no definitive answer because it depends on many factors. Read on to find out more. 

PR is entirely proactive

The more time you dedicate to PR, the higher the likelihood of you achieving more frequent press coverage. This is because spending more time researching relevant angles to pitch to journalists who cover your sector and who are interested in your news, will make your business news interesting to them, setting you up for PR success. Plus the more you pitch, the higher your chances of landing coverage.

There is always more you can do

PR is something which cannot be finished: there is always something more you can do. However, it’s important to define what PR success looks like to you and how many hours you can realistically commit to each week over the long term. Setting aside protected hours for PR will help you be more consistent in your press pitching and increase your chances of securing coverage. 

PR involves negotiation and relationship building

You don’t pay for editorial press coverage secured via PR. Instead, it’s secured via negotiation with journalists. It is hard to predict when a journalist will come back to you along with what follow up will be needed, which all adds to the unknown. However, it can be so rewarding when it works so it is worth perservering. 

Working to journalists’ deadlines

Given editorial coverage is published at the discretion of journalists, you’ll need to work with them to provide all the information and imagery they need ahead of their deadlines. You can never be sure how much more information they’ll need so it is worth being organised with your PR tools, processes and systems in place so you’re as ready to go as possible. 

You can’t control the news agenda

To increase your chances of securing press coverage, it’s important to stay on top of the trending news agenda. If a relevant topic begins to trend, you will need to spend more time crafting angles in response to this to attach your brand to a trend that relevant press are covering. Given none of us know what might hit the headlines, it is worth securing media training so that you’re confident you can act spontaneously with confidence when needed.

FF&M offers PR training. Email us at to find out more. 

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