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5 takeaways to consider when producing a podcast

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

FF&M are now offering podcast production services to clients as well as training.

If you have any questions regarding podcasting or would like to suggest a guest for How To Start Up, please contact us here.

"Having now worked on the production side of the How To Start Up by FF&M podcast for three months, I have discovered how extensive the podcast production process is: from booking podcast guests all the way to selecting excerpts for a captivating Instagram reel.

Through the many hours of researching and booking guests, editing episodes and creating social media assets, I have accumulated some tips to consider when launching a podcast", Milun Haggipavlou, FF&M.

Create a podcast production checklist

We introduced a checklist to manage the many steps involved in producing our How To Start Up podcast, which greatly improved our efficiency, especially when we have more than one person working on the project. We find a Google Sheets progression tracker is ideal to give our team a quick view of where each episode is currently sitting.

Draft a mix of regular and episode-specific questions to ask your guests

Having a set of regular and templated questions that you ask every guest on your podcast maintains a familiar structure for listeners. However, each person you interview has something unique to offer your audience and tailored questions on specific topics will help ensure your episodes add value for listeners. This does take some time to research ahead of the recording but is well worth it when it comes to the final episode.

Bank up recordings in advance

To maintain a consistent podcast publishing schedule, have a few episodes banked and ready to go at any particular time. Organise ‘recording days’ where you interview people back to back and bulk edit their recordings in one go. This will ensure your upload schedule won’t be affected if you face delays or challenges in other areas of your business. You’ll also find economies of scale when blocking out your time for the various elements involved in podcast production.

Feel confident in reaching out to people of influence

The best way to expand your podcast’s reach is to invite potential guests who have a strong social media following and can connect with and engage your audience. When these guests share their episode on their social media platforms, your own website traffic can increase significantly. You may also surprise yourself with who you can get on your show when you reach out.

Tailor your podcast promotion strategy to your audience

The podcast landscape is constantly changing: with the rise of services such as TikTok, there are more platforms available than ever to expand your podcast’s reach. Depending on your audience, some podcasts suit visual social media assets for promotion, while others suit a blog post expanding on an episode. Choosing the right promotional tools to reach your audience helps increase your podcast’s searchability and awareness.

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