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What does a PR strategy include?

When executing your PR in-house, it’s important to create a PR strategy so you know who you’re communicating with, what you’re saying when and through which channels. Without a strategy, your PR efforts won’t be effective enough to deliver editorial results.

A typical PR strategy will include defined brand mission, vision and values statements, brand and founder stories, tone of voice guidance, a brand lexicon, key brand messages, media titles your target audiences are likely to read, angles with which to pitch to these titles, VIP and influencer gifting plans and coverage goals and timelines.

Your PR strategy should also include which team member is responsible for executing each element. This way, everyone understands what part they need to play to help generate coverage, increase brand awareness and ultimately drive revenue.

Believing founders to be their own best storytellers, FF&M will create your bespoke PR strategy layering in all these parts and coach you to execute it in-house for the long term.

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