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What are the benefits of PR?

Define your storytelling

Creating a PR strategy allows you to zoom out, see the bigger picture and take time to define your brand’s messaging. This allows you to communicate clearly with your audiences and ensure your messaging is consistent across all touchpoints.

Increase your brand awareness

By communicating with both your current and prospective audiences via the titles they read, more people will become aware of your brand and interact with it. If they subscribe to your mailing list, you can then follow up with tailored offers.

Achieve credibility for your brand

When journalists and people of influence share your products and services via their own channels, they are endorsing your brand without being paid. This generates brilliant credibility for your brand and is the next best thing to word of mouth.

Accelerate your SEO strategy

PR can also accelerate your SEO strategy. When you land digital coverage with key titles, search engines begin to rank your website higher in organic search results because it is deemed trustworthy and relevant to searchers.

Cost-effectively drive sales

Pitching your business to journalists is much more cost-effective than paid social or PPC campaigns which are increasingly difficult to achieve a strong ROI on. If you own your PR in-house, you’ll save money on agencies’ monthly retainer fees too.

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