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How to know when is the right time to seek investment with Jo Fairley, co-founder of Green & Blacks

One of the most challenging aspects is knowing when the right time is to seek investment for your company. If too early your business may not be ready, however, if too late you may slow down its growth potential.

In this episode, I speak with Jo Fairley, co-founder of the renowned chocolate company Green & Blacks. Jo co-founded the business in 1991 with her partner, Craig Sams, to create the world’s first organic chocolate and the UK’s first Fairtrade-marked product. In recognition of her entrepreneurial talent, Jo received an Honorary Doctorate in Business Studies from Kingston University.

Jo is one of the UK’s leading female entrepreneurs and has been an inspiration to me throughout my whole career, originally in PR and now as someone who has started a business, so I was thrilled to speak to her about her investment experience and hear her advice on key considerations around the timing of raising investment.

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