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How to create a sustainably minded supply chain with Emilie Holmes, Founder of Good & Proper Tea

When starting and scaling your business, it’s important to consider the impact of your supply chain on not only the planet but also people too. 88% of respondents to an OpenText survey said ‘they prioritise buying from companies that have ethical sourcing strategies in place’, while 64% of 18-24 year-olds surveyed said they would never buy from a company again if it were ‘accused of working with unethical suppliers’.

In this episode, I speak with Emilie Holmes, founder of Good & Proper Tea, the tea brand committed to doing things properly. Having founded her business in 2012, Emilie has invested considerable time and money in making sure her business positively impacts the communities within her supply chain. Given how many consumers value companies who prioritise supply chain responsibility, Emilie continually reviews Good & Proper Tea’s own supply chain.

With many companies wanting to better understand the implications of their suppliers’ actions, Emilie shares her advice on auditing a supply chain, supporting the communities you work with and achieving profitability more sustainably.

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