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Why pay a PR agency when AI can write a press release for me?

As AI tools such as Chat GPT become more sophisticated, it’s possible to use them to write press releases in a fraction of the time taken to draft them yourself. While this approach may save you time, it may not deliver effective results. We’ve outlined some key reasons why AI might not be the best option for your press release writing.

AI doesn't fully understand your audience or your business's tone of voice

AI tools are not sophisticated enough to fully understand the audiences you are speaking with. This means that the press releases they generate will not resonate with your press audience as they’ll miss key points that need to be included. Because press outreach takes time, it is important to only send pertinent copy and nothing generic. Publications are also starting to use software to see what is AI-generated and what is original. Remember, AI is an amalgamation of what is already out there, not new news.

Press releases will need plenty of editing

Even if you use AI tools to draft a press release, you’ll likely find you need to edit it significantly before you share it with journalists to ensure your tone of voice is used throughout plus key messages are included. You can brief your AI tool with your key messages and tone ahead of asking it your questions; however, it can be better to use AI tools for initial ideas and write your main document out separately.

You are your own best storyteller

Ultimately, you know your business better than any PR agency or AI tool. Therefore, you are best placed to check any copy that is published on your business’s behalf ensuring it encapsulates your brand and shares your news in an engaging and innovative way.

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