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Why do editors delete pitch emails by email title alone?

Editors are working on lots of articles every week. Given that they receive so many pitches every week, they can’t read all of them and so many delete their emails by simply looking at the subject line to assess their relevance. 

Read on to learn why Editors need to clear their inboxes efficiently.

They receive so many each day

Problem: Many journalists report being inundated with pitch emails, with some receiving 100s per day. They don’t have time to read each and every pitch. Instead, they often scan the subject lines and consider whether emails are sufficiently relevant to their stories to warrant opening them. 

Solution: To increase your chances of journalists reading your pitches, make your subject line as engaging and relevant as possible and include relevant keywords. 

Not tailored to them

Problem: Journalists are always looking for content that will be of interest to their readers as they are discerning about what they publish. If you send mass mailed pitches that aren’t tailored to each journalist’s publication and audience, it’s likely your pitch will be deleted. 

Solution: To help avoid this, include the name of the publication the journalist writes for in the subject line and demonstrate how your pitch is relevant to their readers in the body of the email. 

Aligning content with the trending news agenda

Problem: To ensure their content is as relevant as possible to their readers, journalists are constantly looking at the trending news agenda. Therefore, they scan the subject lines of pitch emails to pick out any keywords relating to topical news items. 

Solution: If they find a subject line relating to a topic their readers will be interested in, they’ll likely open the email to find out more. 

Size of the email

Problem: Journalists’ inboxes can fill up very quickly due to the volume of pitches they receive on a weekly basis. If journalists can see that an email isn’t relevant to them and has lots of heavy attachments, they will delete it to free up space to keep and file more relevant pitches for when the time is right to publish them. 

Solution: Pitch with only low resolution images and include keywords so when they come to search for relevant pitches, yours stands out.

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