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Streamlining communication: the power of hero working copy

In today's fast-paced business world, efficiency and consistency are key factors in maintaining a competitive edge. As communicators, we often find ourselves repeatedly sharing initial information about our businesses or products. Whether it's explaining our unique services or pitching to the press, finding a way to streamline these repetitive tasks can save us valuable time and effort. In our quest for optimisation, we discovered the power of what we affectionately call "hero working copy" – a centralised document that has transformed our workflow and communication processes.

The challenge of repeatedly explaining our business:

As communicators, we understand the importance of conveying our brand's message succinctly. However, finding the right words and phrases each time can be a time-consuming task. Searching through old emails or files for previous successful explanations is inefficient and as Uwern Jong shared in his How To Start Up episode, we should ‘automate, delegate or solve’ anything that takes up time and needs rationalising. This is where the concept of hero working copy comes into play.

The benefits of hero working copy:

Creating a centralised document specifically designed for frequently shared information can save you a lot of time. By having one version of your copy readily available, proofed and approved, you don’t need to dig through old emails or spend precious time crafting explanations from scratch. Here are the key advantages of implementing hero working copy:

1 Time-saving and consistency:

With hero working copy, you and your team have instant access to a well-crafted, proofread document that represents your brand accurately. This saves you valuable time and ensures consistent messaging across various communication channels.

2 Collaborative input and updates:

A shared solo document allows your team members to provide their perspectives and share contributions. By leveraging the collective expertise within your team, you can create a comprehensive and polished piece of content that captures the essence of your business without using multiple and inconsistent versions.

3 Tailoring pitches and avoiding missed details:

While it's important to personalise pitches for different journalists, certain aspects of your brand information remain consistent. Hero copy ensures that key details such as prices, stockists or launch dates are never typed incorrectly in the heat of the moment.

A hero working copy document can streamline your workflow and save valuable time. By templating frequently shared information, you ensure consistent messaging, collaborative input and the avoidance of crucial omissions. Embrace this approach and watch as your communication efforts become more effective, saving you and your team a lot of time.

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