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PR is so frustrating. Why do I need it?

We agree that PR can often be frustrating. From researching which journalists and titles to pitch to and following up with new angles, PR takes time and as it is editorial not advertising, results cannot (and should not) be guaranteed given it is not paid for like an advertisement. Results are difficult to measure too; however, when editorial works, it really works. This is why PR is considered the next best thing to word-of-mouth recommendations.

We’ve included below 3 reasons why PR is really beneficial for many businesses.

Builds brand awareness & credibility

When journalists feature your brand in editorial coverage, many more people discover your business. Because journalists are considered credible tastemakers by their audiences, their recommendations carry significant weight and afford your brand significant credibility in the marketplace, especially as it is ‘earned’ media, not paid. It is a genuine third-party opinion.

Secures backlinks to support your SEO work

When you achieve digital coverage with top-tier newspapers and magazines, search engines deem your website more trustworthy because it is linked to a credible editorial outlet. Therefore, search engines will begin to rank your website higher in organic search results, helping to drive more traffic to your website which can boost sales.

Encourages people to purchase

Although it is difficult to determine the direct return from your PR activity, securing editorial coverage can encourage people to investigate your business further and ultimately make a purchase later down the line. When people are considering purchasing a product or service, they will interact with different businesses via many different touchpoints. Your business’s editorial coverage is a key touchpoint potential customers will consider within the larger marketing mix.

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