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Mini-series Ep 5 How to: understand & embrace public relations with Katya Zemtsova

When a founder is starting a business, they know that at some point they're going to have to tell other people what they’re doing and why, in order to reach their prospective clients and customers. Word of mouth is key. However, to reach further afield, marketing and communications will strengthen the launch, brand building and SEO. As part of the marketing mix, I find that PR is often considered but rarely embraced to its full potential - and often left to the last minute when it is too late.

I started Fallow, Field & Mason in order to combat the wariness that founders have of PR, coach them to own the function in-house and help them to understand what value it can bring to their search result rankings. As this mini-series is a more practical ‘how to’ it felt like the right place to speak about my day job, so I invited a fellow PR professional to discuss the topic.

In this episode I chat to Katya Zemtsova who runs her own marketing, media relations and project management company, Elephant, who set up and develop businesses in Russia, the CIS and the UK. She shares insights on why storytelling is so important and how it can support SEO, as well as common mistakes and misunderstandings business owners are guilty of when it comes to PR.

Listen via or via all podcast directories. Search ‘How To Start Up by FF&M’.

Email us via if you’d like to produce your own podcast.

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