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Mini-series Ep 2 How to: manage the legal side of starting a company with Helen Gerrard, Lawyer

Starting a company can be a daunting challenge and many people have a fear around 'I don't know what I don't know'. In this episode of the mini-series of HSTU we cover the legalities of starting a company with Helen Gerrard who left her career as a city lawyer for the French Alps where she now continues her legal work as a partner for Ignition, a law firm that specialises in supporting startups and their growth, and also co-founded SnowDrone with her husband.

Helen shares advice on how and when new founders should approach the legalities of starting a company and that with the right support it isn’t daunting. I was really keen to speak to Helen as she is not only a lawyer supporting startups but an entrepreneur herself. In addition, she has mastered the work-life balance, a good example of which is using time on ski lifts for her conference calls.

Listen via or via all podcast directories. Search ‘How To Start Up by FF&M’.

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