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MATIERE PREMIERE win PERFUME EXTRAORDINAIRE at the 2021 Fragrance Foundation awards

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Fragrance house MATIERE PREMIERE win The Fragrance Foundation UK Perfume Extraordinaire Award 2021 with Radical Rose

London, 1st October, 2021

Founded in 2019 by Master Perfumer Aurélien Guichard, MATIERE PREMIERE has now added to their already impressive list of accolades winning the Fragrance Foundation UK PERFUME EXTRAORDINAIRE AWARD with their latest fragrance creation RADICAL ROSE.

Radical Rose epitomises MATIERE PREMIERE’s creative approach, as the only house to use an extremely high dosage of one exceptional natural ingredient. Its most beautiful facets are highlighted thanks to the addition of only a few, equally highly qualitative ingredients, so that each fragrance is easy to understand and leaves a sillage like no other.

As the name explains, each MATIERE PREMIERE fragrance focuses on one central raw material. Guichard comments, "I want to reveal the natural beauty of the raw material, in a contemporary perfume creation of the highest quality. Being the Founder and only Perfumer of our House, based in both Paris and Grasse, allows for a unique, coherent creative approach throughout the collection.”

7th generation perfumer Aurélien Guichard founded in 2016 his organic perfume flower farm Domaine de Chautard in the region of Grasse, in the South of France. May 2021 saw his 3rd and best yet harvest of Rose Centifolia. He is the only perfumer in the world to own, plant, grow, harvest and use his own ingredients in his own brand’s perfumes.

His determination to keep traditional Grasse perfumery techniques - that are typically only shared by word of mouth - alive for the next generation is dovetailed with his mission to incorporate sustainable practices within them. Farming land recognised as ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity' by UNESCO in 2018, Guichard continues to experiment with new plants that he will use in new MATIERE PREMIERE fragrances.

Having been shortlisted for three 2021 Fragrance Foundation UK Awards and won Perfume Extraordinaire with Radical Rose, Guichard said “it means the world to myself and my co-founders that MATIERE PREMIERE is recognised at this level by our industry. With the support from Harrods at our start, we knew we were creating something special, however this award goes to a perfume creation that is very dear to me, and is such an important further validation in what we want to offer the client”.

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