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Managing stress: FF&M's top tips

With 63% of business owners reporting burnout, it’s clear that stress can take a huge toll on your performance when starting a company. While a moderate level of stress can incentivise teams and motivate people to complete tasks, too much can derail a project or undermine a team’s capability. Given April is Stress Awareness Month, the FF&M team have shared their top tips below for managing stress and remaining calm before, during and after the working day.


It is really important to proactively manage your overwhelm so that you’re not consumed by your to-do list. For example, think about the ‘future you’ when adding to your calendar and don’t book in too much. Leaving room for things to change can help avoid stress building up when plans inevitably change.


I often find that going for a walk when I begin to feel stressed helps me feel calmer and work through a challenging situation. A recent study has also shown that going for a 15-minute walk can significantly improve your productivity too, helping you both de-stress and spark creative ideas.


A great way to switch off from a challenging day is to enjoy a walk and listen to something unrelated to work. I find this is a great way for me to switch off and rest. Currently, I’m enjoying ‘Beyond the Blinds’: a look at ‘unofficial’ press stories about A-list celebrities.


I find it really helpful to have breaks from looking at my phone. This lets my mind switch off from multiple tasks and focus on the one at hand. I’ve turned off all sound notifications aside from phone calls because if someone needs me urgently, they’ll ring. It’s been proven that even if you don’t action the notification it can still distract and slow you down from what you’re intending to focus on.

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