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FF&M in Telegraph Luxury, 20th February 2021

Updated: Jul 7

I had the opportunity to write for Telegraph Luxury about how self-employment afforded me the the chance to work remotely.

Following an early Corona redundancy, I started Fallow, Field & Mason Ltd., as well as the How To Start Up podcast to record all the kind advice being offered to me around starting up.

Every single guest advises to embrace the freedom and the rollercoaster that self employment offers (as well as get a good accountant). Like so many surprising professional positives that have happened over the last nine months this move would not have been possible without ‘losing my job’. The world works in mysterious ways!

"For me, 2020 had one huge positive: it afforded me a newfound freedom. Following redundancy in early April, I left 20 years of PAYE behind to start my own PR consultancy joining the 3.5% year-on-year increase in registrations at Companies House.

I soon realised that wherever the internet worked, so could I. Unfortunately, my beloved Battersea failed in this regard and when Barbados’s so-called Welcome Stamp visa started coming up in conversation with fellow entrepreneurial types, I noted that the island’s key selling point wasn’t its turquoise seas or expertly cheffed cuisines, but that its internet connection ranked above that of the UK"

Full article available The Telegraph

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