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I’m investing in PR, how many results will I get?

An investment in PR is an investment in time as opposed to a guaranteed promise of results. Because a business earns editorial coverage and it cannot be paid for, nobody can legitimately guarantee PR results. Any editorial coverage you achieve is totally at the discretion of journalists who need to protect their reputations as credible and trusted tastemakers.

While PR results cannot be guaranteed, there are a number of ways you can maximise your chances of landing editorial coverage. With the right resources and strategy, your business will be far more likely to feature in your target titles and ultimately be discovered by your audiences.

Share compelling press releases

By sharing interesting story ideas with relevant journalists that their readers are likely to enjoy discovering, you’ll have a greater chance of securing editorial coverage. Regularly reading your target titles and understanding the media landscape is key to this.

Enhance your brand story

When pitching for editorial coverage, interesting angle ideas need to be backed up with strong brand stories. Time spent defining your brand story is a worthwhile investment to help you secure more coverage.

Provide high-resolution imagery

Journalists are always looking for brilliant lifestyle and packshot imagery to illustrate their stories. If your business can be relied on to supply excellent high-resolution imagery before a journalist’s deadline, you’ll be more likely to land coverage.

Unclear about PR? Email us your questions and we’ll answer them in future blog posts.

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