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How to start up as brothers (& stay friends) with Tom & Chris Hannaway, Infinite Session

In today’s episode, we’re joined by Tom and Chris Hannaway, brothers and Co-Founders of alcohol-free beer brand Infinite Session. With a passion for great tasting beer but a desire to incorporate some alcohol-free days into their lifestyle, Tom and Chris discovered a gap in the market for a vibrant and confident alcohol-free beer to enjoy during after-work drinks.

Launched in 2018, Infinite Session beers are now stocked in leading UK retailers including Sainsbury’s and Whole Foods. The brand also launched exclusively into the US state of Wisconsin in March 2020. During the pandemic, Infinite Session launched a series of special-edition beers, including the ‘Stay Home’ beer from which all proceeds were donated to NHS Charities Together.

Today they share advice on what to consider when expanding internationally as well as how to successfully work together as siblings.

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