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How to plan your 2024 PR strategy

Juliet Fallowfield, FF&M’s founder and MD, hosted a webinar this month covering how to plan your 2024 PR strategy. 

To help you get ahead with your PR activity this year, Juliet recapped the differences between paid, owned and earned types of media and how to map out your 2024 PR goals and priorities. Understanding how PR works and what you’d like to achieve is key to knowing how best to spend your PR time. 

Central to planning your 2024 PR strategy is the forward features calendar. Available to purchase here

Juliet explained how the calendar contains key dates and moments such as Valentine’s Day and English Wine Week ​​to guide you in creating and scheduling owned content for key times of the year. This helps make your content as relevant as possible by dovetailing your news with timely moments. 

The newspaper and magazine calendar section shows when each title is publishing its themed or special issues. This is really helpful as it indicates when you need to pitch to relevant titles at which times of year with what angles. For instance, the calendar shows that the long-lead title Sunday Times STYLE is publishing a watch and fine jewellery issue in June. This means you know what is coming up so you can pitch three months ahead in March to increase your chances of securing coverage in this particular issue.

Juliet also explained all the different press tools you’ll need to create before pitching your business to press. From press releases and approved brand copy to a compelling brand story and detailed audience personas, having an effective set of tools will make it much easier to secure coverage to grow your brand awareness and ultimately drive sales.

Email or DM us to purchase the presentation recording or to find out more about owning your PR in-house. The forward features calendar can be purchased here. Or book in with Juliet for a 1:1 planning session via

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