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How to pitch to an angel investor with Mathilde Lacombe, Co-Founder & President of AIME

UK angel investors collectively invest £1.5 billion per year and are believed to be the largest source of investment for start-up and early-stage companies. Angel investors can bring cash to your business along with contacts and advice too. 

In this episode, I hear from Mathilde Lacombe, founder of French skincare and supplement brand AIME. Having previously co-founded beauty subscription service Joliebox, Mathilde founded AIME in 2018 to help others overcome similar skincare challenges to hers. AIME blends nutrition, supplements and cosmetic skincare and, amazingly, achieved €3 million in revenue in its first twelve months. 

With many founders wondering which type of investor to partner with, Mathilde shares how angel investment has helped her scale AIME and her advice on how to pitch to angel investors. 

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