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How to incorporate TikTok into your PR strategy

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform, boasting over 1 billion active monthly users. TikTok is even posing a threat to businesses outside the realm of social media. TechCrunch reported that nearly 40% of Gen Z prefer to search using TikTok and Instagram, instead of Google.

The greatest appeal of the app is the ‘For You’ page, an AI-driven newsfeed that immediately plays videos the user is likely to enjoy based on their preferences. This is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to directly communicate and connect with their target audience. If it’s not already included, now is the time to factor TikTok into your brand's PR strategy.

We’ve compiled our top tips to help get you started.

Know your audience

Before you start posting on TikTok it is important to identify your target audience and research what kind of content they like to watch. Spend time on the app and engage with content from brands offering a similar product or service to yours; consider what types of content perform well and engage your target audience.

Make sure you tailor your content to your audience’s interests and habits when spending time on the app. If your target audience really enjoys fashion content, provide them with styling videos and trend reviews: “think about how your brand can leverage its expertise or assets to produce content that fulfils their needs and isn’t just a sales message.” (Jack Moore, Hatch, via PR Moment).

Use TikTok as part of your larger PR strategy

TikTok’s purpose is to encourage creativity and provide entertainment for viewers. Therefore, it is not the right platform to share your corporate messaging. Utilise entertaining content on TikTok to engage a wider audience and direct them to your other owned and earned platforms, such as your brand’s Instagram or Twitter account and relevant editorial coverage, for more corporate-facing information.

Engage with the latest trends

Tapping into current trends is essential for TikTok success. Brands should have an awareness of what is trending on the app, such as dances, audios, memes and hashtags. Creating content relevant to your business that dovetails into these trends will help you appeal to your target audience. Participating in such trends is also an opportunity to be creative and display your brand’s personality. ​​

Branded hashtags

Businesses can use branded hashtags to encourage TikTok users to create videos that use a certain hashtag, often alongside a specific song or dance move, which aligns with your brand. Branded hashtags are popular with brands because the videos not only appear on users’ ‘For You’ pages but are also available in the ‘Trending’ section of the ‘Discover’ tab which makes the videos widely discoverable.

An example of using branded hashtags would be Moncler’s #MonclerBubbleUp branded hashtag challenge designed to promote Moncler’s signature padded coat. TikTok users participated in the challenge by recreating the look of the coat with found items, such as a sleeping bag. The brand created hype around the hashtag by partnering with popular influencers on the app. This was a hugely successful campaign with over 7.7 billion TikTok views.

TikTok influencers

Much like other social media platforms, working with TikTok influencers can be great for increasing reach and driving revenue. Choose influencers who complement your brand’s values and have direct access to your target audience. The most successful partnerships are achieved when the content is authentic, so make sure you give your chosen creators freedom. It’s also essential to have a written contract in place so both parties understand the expectations for the collaboration.

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