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How to focus on the S in ESG with Rafael Museri co-founder of Selina

When building a business from scratch, founders have an opportunity to consider the environmental impact of all their activities, including work travel. According to Statista research, 81% of global travellers believe sustainable travel is important, however, 43% of respondents to a survey said they “never, rarely or sometimes” manage to travel in a sustainable way.

In this episode, I speak with Rafael Museri: the co-founder of Selina: the travel company combining beautifully designed accommodation with coworking, recreation, wellness and local experiences. Having co-founded his business in 2014, Rafael and his co-founder Daniel aim to make more sustainable travel easier, particularly for founders, and support the local communities living and working near their properties.

As a big fan of remote working and slow travel, I am determined to reduce my own environmental impact when travelling, so I was keen to hear from Rafael on how founders can reduce the environmental impact of their travel as well as how companies can give back to the local communities in which they operate in.

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