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How to create your company's culture with Brett Putter, founder of CultureGene

In this episode we hear from Brett Putter who believes that the culture of a company is crucial to its success. He calls it the missing link. Brett is an expert in this field and is consulted by global companies and leaders to help design, develop and build high-performing cultures.

Brett shares advice on when to start working on your own company’s culture, why to consider building your company with a remote first mindset and why finding support and structure in the day to day is crucial.

Brett is the CEO of CultureGene , a culture leadership software and services platform. In 2018 he published his first book, Culture Decks Decoded and his second book Own Your Culture: How to Define, Embed and Manage your Company Culture in September 2020.

Listen via or via all podcast directories. Search ‘How To Start Up by FF&M’.

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