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How to create strong packaging for your brand with Randi Christiansen, CEO & Co-Founder of Nécessaire

Updated: Jun 4

With Protega Global reporting that 77% of UK consumers believe brands should use ‘as little packaging as possible’, it’s important for new brands to research how to reduce their environmental impact. 

As packaging can be a huge barrier to entry, I wanted to speak to someone who has created a stunning brand package. 

In this episode, I hear from Randi Christiansen, CEO & Co-Founder of Nécessaire, one of the world’s leading body care brands. Founded in 2018, Néccessaire provides customers with minimal, high-functioning products and is now certified as both climate neutral and plastic neutral. 

Keep listening to hear Randi’s advice on how to create stand-out packaging for your brand and why it is so important to maintain a consistent visual identity.

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