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How to bring in revenue from the start, with Perdie Alder & MA Coyle, Co-Founders of Spice Startups

In this episode, we hear from co-founders Perdie Alder, CEO, & Margaret Anne Coyle, COO, of Spice Startups, the funding and liquidity platform for tech startups founded in 2020.

Spice provides tech founders with the tools and resources required to effectively raise investment for their ventures. And their second venture is also set to launch this month - Hot Bed is a place for the ecosystem’s best startups to get funding and liquidity, pillared around relevant content, accountability and community.

Perdie and MA share with us their advice on how to bring in revenue quickly while supporting your ultimate business idea and why it's important to have really worked with a co-founder before committing to starting up together.

Listen via or via all podcast directories. Search ‘How To Start Up by FF&M’.

Email us via if you’d like to produce your own podcast.

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