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How to be conscious of boundaries with Rhiannon Lambert, Founder of Rhitrition

In this episode, we hear from Rhiannon Lambert BSc MSc RNutr, one of the UK’s leading nutritionists and the founder of Rhitrition and Rhitrition+. Rhiannon founded Rhitrition in 2016 which has become a renowned Harley Street clinic specialising in weight management and sports nutrition.

Alongside her first business, Rhiannon launched Rhitrition+ in March 2021 to pioneer a scientific, food-first approach to supplements and wellbeing. Rhiannon is a Sunday Times best selling author and also hosts the ‘Food for Thought’ podcast to help listeners enhance their health and improve their wellbeing.

Rhiannon shares with us her advice on the differences of running the two businesses as well as how to put boundaries in place to protect the work-life balance.

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