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How to avoid founder burnout with Nina Nesdoly, Founder of Workplace Clarity

Updated: Feb 5

In this episode, we hear from Nina Nesdoly, founder of Workplace Clarity.  As a workplace stress and burnout prevention consultant, Nina draws on her management and neuroscience background to deliver workshops and training courses to help her clients overcome workplace stress, prevent burnout and improve their workplace performance. 

Nina shares her advice on maintaining a work/life balance, identifying stress triggers and techniques for relieving stress. 

Nina's advice: 

• Burnout happens when demands exceed resources; build your own resources by outsourcing the things you’re less good at to experts, thus reducing the demands on yourself

• Set realistic expectations and don’t set goals for yourself that depend on you being superhuman or neglecting rest

• Schedule in buffer time (to give yourself a break if you are unwell) and have an emergency budget (to give yourself a break if there’s a crisis)

• Three stress triggers are:

◦ Feeling overwhelmed

◦ Dealing with unpredictable/unfamiliar situations 

◦ Social evaluative threats

• Look for the positives: turn threats into something you can be excited about, and move away from the negative thoughts to focus consciously on what makes you happy

• When establishing work-life balance, set boundaries between the two. Try blocking notifications when not working

• When seeking to de-stress, remember social connections and community can be supportive; ‘social buffering’ is when oxytocin (produced by social interaction) helps fight stress

• As a sole founder you have no-one to moderate you, so check in on yourself.

• Remember your own brain is your harshest critic.

• To summarise, the six causes of burnout are: 

◦ workload

◦ lack of community

◦ lack of control

◦ mismatch of values (if you are working for a company whose ideals you don’t share)

◦ a sense of unfairness in the processes operating around you

◦ absence of reward

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