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How do I know if I’ll have the capacity to own my PR in-house?

When deciding whether to own your PR in-house or outsource it to an agency, you need to be realistic when considering how much time you can dedicate to it as PR is an entirely proactive process and results are only achieved with consistent effort.

Not sure how to tell whether you have the capacity to own your PR in-house? We’ve outlined 3 key considerations below to help you decide the best PR model for you and your business.

Track your time

If you’re a solo founder, we know you’re responsible for every aspect of your business and that you’re busy. We recommend that you use an app like Toggl to track where you spend your time during your working week. This will give you a good idea of whether you can carve out dedicated time to own your PR in-house.

Consider your existing team

Could a member of your team find some hours each week that they could dedicate to proactive PR? Given that the cost of externalising your PR to an agency can equal a full-time salary when added up, this team member’s role could see them work across PR as well as digital marketing, social media and email marketing to deliver maximum results.

Be honest in your understanding of PR

Consider whether knowing more about how PR works would make you feel more comfortable owning it in-house. One thing we find is people assume PR will be an overwhelming task for them to manage. However, working through our training modules has helped our clients really understand, embrace and execute their own proactive PR campaigns with confidence.

If you would like to own your PR in-house for the long term, email

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