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How can I get my product on a shopping page?

Landing shopping page coverage is a brilliant way to increase awareness of your product, build credibility and encourage your audience to purchase. However, it is a highly competitive field and is one of the hardest forms of editorial coverage to secure. Below we’ve suggested 3 ways you can increase your chances of seeing your product on a shopping page.

Include stockist, pricing and shipping information

When pitching your product to shopping editors, it’s vital to include stockist, pricing and shipping information. Journalists will be grateful if they can easily find this information in your pitch email, increasing your chances of making the edit.

Share high-resolution pack shot imagery

High-resolution pack shots or ‘cut-out’ images of your product against a white background are the most common image format for shopping pages. Given shopping pages are image-led, investing in excellent photography will pay dividends.

Affiliate marketing

Newspapers and magazines are businesses that need to generate revenue, hence their advertising model. Affiliate marketing is becoming a lot more common with publications and editorial press are keen to learn if your brand is an affiliate. If a brand offers publications a commission on the products they feature, you could be more likely to achieve coverage.

By sharing the right imagery and information ahead of the journalist’s deadline, or looking into a business relationship with the business, you’ll maximise your chances of securing shopping page coverage.

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