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FF&M’s 8 favourite sustainability podcasts

Podcasts are a great way of building a publishing platform to educate, inform & inspire your audience, create an engaged community & earn even more editorial coverage. 

As a team, we regularly listen to podcasts to spot new trends and maintain an awareness of industry developments. Read on to discover our favourite sustainability podcasts. 

Hosted by Jen Gale, Sustainable(ish) offers brilliant advice on the small actions we can all take to minimise our environmental impact. Helpfully acknowledging that none of us will ever be perfect when it comes to sustainability, each episode offers tips and encouragement for us all. 

The podcast features insightful interviews with leading designers, activists, scientists and artists all working towards creating more responsible fashion. Wardrobe Crisis is hosted by Clare Press, the first ever Sustainability Editor at Vogue, and is a great resource for anyone interested in ethical fashion. 

Hosted by mother and daughter duo Mary and Emma, The Good Dirt is a helpful handbook for sustainable living. The podcast features weekly interviews with authors, artists, farmers who share their insights into sustainability and regenerative living. 

For those with a keen passion for sustainable living, Green Dreamer is a great listen. Hosted by Kamea Chayne, the podcast shares interviews with sustainability figures who explore the ways in which society needs to evolve to recalibrate our understandings of plentiful lifestyles and economic growth. 

Renowned scientist and environmental activist, Dr Jane Goodall, is joined by guests including Margaret Atwood and Emma Lewisham. Dr Goodall’s guests share thoughts on topics including the transformative power of consumers in pressuring governments to bring about environmental change for the better. 

Ben Goldsmith, leading British financier and environmental campaigner, hosts conversations with the influential people behind the world’s most exciting and impactful rewilding projects. Ben and his guests cover a range of topics, including everything from urban rewilding in London to protecting Costa Rica’s landscapes. 

WWF ambassador, actor and presenter, Cel Spellman, explores the environmental challenges such as climate change and deforestation and how they placing our ecosystems under great threat. Cel is joined by guests including Sir David Attenborough who share their thoughts on how we tackle these threats. 

Hosted by zoologists Rutendo Shackleton and Sebastian Echeverri, the BBC Earth podcast features some of the world’s most respected naturalists and scientists who explore the natural world and share their nature stories and stress the importance protecting the natural world. 

Thinking of starting a podcast? Email to find out more about FF&M’s end-to-end podcast production service.

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