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FF&M’s 2024 forward features calendar

Every year, FF&M creates a forward features calendar to help our clients plan their marketing activity and PR outreach throughout the year. 

Read on to find out what it is and how it’s an invaluable resource for your business as we begin 2024. 

What is a forward features calendar? 

A forward features calendar contains key dates to help you plan your digital marketing. These include public holidays, national events such as Wimbledon and Royal Ascot and key occasions throughout the year such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. The forward features calendar also contains media kits with advertising rates for newspapers and magazines along with the dates they will publish themed or special issues. 

Why is it important? 

The key dates section helps generate content ideas around particular events including gifting dates like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day as well as awareness weeks for different sectors, such as English Wine Week and UK Fragrance Week. This allows you to create and schedule relevant content for key times of the year. This makes your marketing output timely and ensures your business takes part in the same conversations as your target audience. The newspaper and magazine calendar section shows when each title is publishing its themed or special issues. For instance, it shows Vogue’s wedding issue is being published in June, allowing you to get all your bridal product imagery ready to pitch three months ahead in March. 

How can it help my business? 

The forward features calendar allows you to align your marketing content with topical moments. For instance, if you’re running a summary drinks brand, it’ll show you when key summer events and parties are taking place to help guide your content and anchor it around these dates. It will also concentrate your PR activity as the calendar shows you when to pitch to relevant titles at which times with what angles. For instance, the calendar shows that the long-lead title Sunday Times STYLE is publishing a watch and fine jewellery issue in June. This means you know what is coming up so you can pitch three months ahead in March for coverage in this particular issue.

If you pitch three months ahead of publication day for a themed issue, you’ll be pitching to editors with timely and relevant content that will greatly increase your chances of securing editorial coverage.  

To purchase a copy of FF&M’s 2024 forward features calendar, please visit 

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