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4 ways starting a podcast can build your brand’s community

There is a strong appetite in the UK for consistent, high-quality podcasts, with YouGov reporting 26% of Britons are listening to podcasts for one hour per week. Coupled with this, building loyal communities of brand advocates is high on the agenda for many of today’s leading brands. 

Read on below to discover 4 ways starting a podcast can build your brand’s community. 

1. Invite engagement from your audience

Podcasts are a great way to encourage your audience to engage with your brand, allowing you to build a strong community. For instance, your audience can comment on your content generated by the podcast and share their thoughts and experiences. It affords you an opportunity to create groups such as private Facebook communities, or invite listeners to send questions via voice message services like Speakpipe that can be edited into your next episode. This makes listeners feel valued and generates a lot of goodwill towards your brand, helping strengthen your community by creating loyal brand advocates. 

2. Provide you with endless social media content

Podcasts are one of the most versatile forms of content available to your brand. Once you publish your episodes, they can live forever and be accessed by thousands of target clients at pace and scale. You can also repurpose your long-form podcast episodes into short-form social media content, allowing you to power your social media strategy efficiently. Your most engaged audience members are also likely to share your short-form content on their own social platforms, allowing you to spread your messages quickly and convert their followers into community members. 

3. Allow you to host in-person events

Once your podcast has gained traction with your audience, you’ll be in a position to host in-person events. Bringing like-minded people together in a room and educating, informing and inspiring them is very powerful. Your brand will reap the rewards of hosting events as your audience will derive a lot of value from meeting like-minded people and will remain loyal to your brand in exchange for providing these opportunities for them. 

4. Generate passive PR

Once your podcast begins publishing episodes, you’ll be in a strong position to earn further editorial coverage without pitching to press. For instance, when your guests share your social media assets on their own channels, you’ll receive great exposure through earned editorial coverage. This cross pollination of audiences helps both you and your guest to grow their audiences. This also helps to grow your community by attracting new listeners to your podcast who keep listening for more engaging content, in turn discovering your brand. Eventually, they are likely to become loyal and, importantly, engaged members of your community. 

Looking for an end-to-end podcast production service? Or not sure what to do next?  

Email as we would love to help get your podcast off the ground and live. 

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