This module will help you assess what public relations tools your company needs, as there is no one size fits all.  It will ensure consistency, strength, identify the gaps and where there are opportunities to repurpose existing assets.

With over twenty years’ experience pitching brands to globally renowned Editors, FF&M offers a PR AUDIT module to ensure that you are in the strongest position with the correct tools in order to start pitching.  This will not only save you budget and time but ultimately save your targeted Editors from a bad pitch. 

Additional: This module will also ensure that you are in a strong position to secure the right external PR representation, for the right retainer, should you need additional communications support.  It will feed into and support any paid, owned and earned and marketing campaigns as well.

PR AUDIT MODULE: Minimum two full days + full PR TOOL SWOT analysis delivered



  • BRAND VISION & MISSION: Discuss your company's purpose, analysing the vision and missions statements.

  • BRAND NARRATIVE: Analyse your brand's current tone of voice and storytelling.

  • MESSAGING & PR ANGLES: Analyse your company's key unique messages and relevance, depth, consistency and strength of angles.

  • COPY: Scrutinise all copy affiliated with the brand, across consistency, messaging and impact.

  • SWOT: Deliver full analysis including recommendations across all owned platforms (website, LinkedIn, socials, CRM) with both the business and PR in mind.

  • MEDIA SPOKESPERSON: Assess the proficiency and/or need for relevant training with company spokesperson via live Q&A filmed interview.

  • MARKET PLACE ANALYSIS: Identify and analyse key competitors, successes/failures, what works/why/why not in business and PR.

  • AUDIENCES: Assess where your current and prospective core clients and press audiences are and could be.

  • ASSETS: Evaluate your PR asset bank, strength and strategy.

  • TOOLS: Evaluate existing, missing and prospective PR tools relevant to paid/owned/earned strategies.